The Boulware Foundation

Giving History

Giving History

The Boulware Foundation gave grants to two organizations in 2017.
 See more information about these incredible programs and people below. 


Amigos de Santa Cruz was founded in 1998 by a group of foreign-born residents of Santa Cruz to help support this small remote village. Their primary focus is on education both at the primary and secondary level.  Together with community leaders they work to make a difference in the future lives of the people, helping to develop a literate populace and an educated leadership better able to improve their own communities. Amigos works with community leaders to identify needs and to find solutions to problems and believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty for the indigenous people of Guatemala. 

2017 Grant Information: Awarded to the Women's Empowerment Program

2018 Grant Information: Awarded to the Culinary Education Program


Namaste Direct was founded by Bob Graham who was one of  the first “social entrepreneurs” for microfinance in Latin America. He started Namaste Direct as he realized that for microfinance to work best, you not only need to make money available to people in poverty, but there is also critical need for effective mentoring and education to accompany loans. Since 2004 Namaste has been working with low income women entrepreneurs in Guatemala.

2017 Grant Information:  Awarded to a pilot program for Women's Workforce & Skill-based Education


People for Guatemala was founded in 2010 by Lois & Ken Werner. The couple had been visiting and volunteering in Guatemala for almost two decades before deciding to move full-time & start their own non-profit. Their organization offers health services, education opportunities and community development to the population of  San Martin, Jilotepeque. They recently opened a vocational school where they're offering a wide range of occupational/skills based courses to the local communities. 

2018 Grant Information: Providing the skills-based education for Namaste's ongoing Women's Workforce pilot program