The Boulware Foundation

Board of Directors


Bob boulware- president & founder

Robert Boulware started his career in the financial sector almost 40 years ago. When reflecting back on his profession, Bob is always reminded of the immense amount of support he received from his parents, friends, colleagues and mentors. The relationships, connections, and resources available to him encouraged him to persevere even through the most challenging hardships. 

Bob sees the direct connection between ones access to resources, education and opportunities and their likelihood to succeed.  Bob started the Boulware Foundation in 2017 with the goal of providing support to individuals aiming to gain the skills needed to attain sustainable economic independence. 


kate haws - vice president

Kate has a B.A. & M.S. in Psychology and been involved in the non-profit sector for over 30 years. She has consulted and written a variety of different program and volunteer curriculums for Child Abuse Listening Mediation (CALM), University of Utah’s Red Butte Botanical Garden and the Sharing Hospice. She has additionally worked supervising parent/child visits with California Protective Services (CPS) and was part of the intake team helping families escape domestic violence at the PEACE House. 

Kate is passionate about providing education and access to resources to women and mothers. She believes that by increasing a woman's ability to provide for herself and her family, you also increase the quality of life for future generations.