The Boulware Foundation


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amanda miller- executive director 

Amanda has a B.A in Communications from UC Santa Barbara where she also worked as a Health Educator and certified Rape Crisis Counselor. After graduation, she moved to Germany where she earned a M.A in Business & Educational Psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. During her time in Europe, she was also a member of the Association for American University and Professional Women (AAUPW) and volunteered with Sichere Weisn, an organization aiming to reduce sexual misconduct at Oktoberfest. 

In 2012, she moved to San Francisco where she worked at United Way of the Bay Area and the Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC) in youth workforce development. She assisted at-risk youth in preparing them for their first work experience and curated events to give them exposure to opportunities & businesses in the Bay Area. 

Amanda is excited to be apart of the Boulware Foundation where she can continue to pursue her passion for workforce development & women's rights.